Established in 2006, TAJAH Development is a multi disciplinary institution with a mission to offer quality alternative media and software related work, building on a diversified experience in fields ranging from software development to creative work and media authoring.

Since technology in general, and web development is not an exception, can be especially complex; our goal is to bring functioning and appealing applications in a simple way to serve the client needs and help take the business to another productive level. No matter how complex, we still want to harness the simple!

TAJAH’s core competencies include customization and implementation of Drupal-based websites, Creative graphic design, and Website analysis and search engine optimization, laid in a spectrum of services that integrate the whole experience, and on top of this, partnering with the client to achieve the client goals, and fit the needs of both the client and the end users.

TAJAH also works with a variety of other Web and IT professionals, allowing for the right combination of people and technology for the projects we work on.

One step at a time, we strive to offer the best service, and march to embrace a limitless future.